Ðuc Duong

Ðuc Duong

duke [ˈdük, ˈdyük]

1) a royal male ruler in Europe
2) John Wayne's nickname
3) a university in North Carolina
4) the way you pronounce my name

Hello, I'm Ðuc, a photographer originally from Orange County, CA and now living in Austin, TX. For the last 7 years, the bulk of my work has been from the wedding industry but if you boil it down, my work is simply this - portraiture.

I photograph people because I am fascinated by their stories - stories of beginnings, love for another, passions and lessons learned. I have a very simple and organic approach to my photography. Natural elegance is what I aim for in all of my work, and experience in film and digital photography has taught me how to capture that.

Other than portraiture, I have worked in the wine industry. I enjoy the way that wines accentuate different foods for any occasion. Lately, I have been exploring the local food culture with my wife, Minerva, who contributes culinary editorials to various publications. She inspires me in so many ways and keeps me grounded at the same time.

I give much thanks to Ming for being a great friend and guiding my first steps into professional photography.

Ðuc Duong

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